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MTV Turns 30, What would Nesmith say?

A seemingly little known fact in Television history, unless your a Monkees fan, MTV was born of a Michael Nesmith’s idea for Nickelodeon called “Pop Clips”. He sold the idea to Time Warner in 1980. MTV began airing at 12:01 a.m. on August 1, 1981 with the words “Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll” voiced …

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TV critics recoil at Davy Jones-hosted PBS pledge-drive show


TV critics were filled with fear and loathing when they saw that PBS’s weekend press tour schedule included a little something called “60s Pop Rock: My Music” hosted by The Monkees’ Davy Jones. They protested to Kerger: “I know my affiliate would testify to the fundraising power of an instrument like the ‘60s nostalgia music …

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Hairspray stars honored to take advice from a ‘Monkee’


MERRILLVILLE | Not long before ‘The Monkees’ took center stage for their 45th Anniversary Tour at Star Plaza Theatre on June 30, Micky Dolenz took the time to give pointers to the two leads of Star Productions regional theater production of ‘Hairspray.’ This was perfect timing for Gina Guarino (who plays Tracy Turnblad) and Frank …

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FBI releases file on the Monkees

monkee communists

We’ll never know the name of the G-Man who went to a Monkees concert and reported on the band’s dissident activities in 1967, because his name is redacted from the declassified file posted on the FBI website in April. Whoever he was, though, the dude was definitely squaresville. “This series, which has been quite successful, …

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What do Joan of Arc and Peter Tork Have in Common?


Both heard voices. In Joan of Arc’s case it was the voice of God, telling her to save France from English domination. In Peter Tork’s case, the voice told him to get out of Greenwich Village:   He was compelled to audition for [The Monkees] after experiencing a mysterious calling on the streets of New …

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Still monkeying around! A third wife half his age.

Davy Jones fell in love with his third wife just weeks after they had been cast in a production of Cinderella. ‘She turned to me one day,’ he recalls, ‘and said: “Let’s run upstairs and make love.” I looked at her. “At my age,” I said, “it’s going to have to be one or the …

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Mickey’s big show has big hair and a big heart


THERE aren’t many parts where men are willing to dress up in drag, but the role of Edna Turnblad in Hairspray is hotly contested. Former “Ednas” have included Michael Ball, John Travolta and Brian Connolly. However the prospect of donning a fat suit, wig and size-12 heels wasn’t enough to persuade Monkees star Mickey Dolenz, …

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Monkee reveals his Welsh connections

The Monkees - Portrait Session

HE might be famous for the last train to Clarksville, but these days he’s more familiar with the 6.45 to Cardiff Central. Peter Tork, the guitarist for the Sixties pop group The Monkees, has developed a passion for the Welsh capital after his brother married a violinist from the Welsh National Opera. In an exclusive …

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Neil Diamond inducted into rock Hall of Fame


NEW YORK (AP) – Singer Neil Diamond promised to go on Twitter and “tell everybody that they really do love me in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.” He was inducted Monday with Dr. John, Alice Cooper, Darlene Love, Leon Russell and Tom Waits at a ceremony in The Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York …

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The tale continues


Hey, hey, The Monkees are re-forming. Comebacks of 1960s pop legends are sometimes depressing affairs, done more for money than music. But this is one reunion that deserves to be welcomed because The Monkees have an important place in pop history. The band was manufactured in 1966 specifically for a television show. And some initially …

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