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Davy Jones Recalls Beatles Friendship


In the past, you said, “Never, ever, ever again” to a reunion. It’s almost like athletes who say they’re going to retire but can’t keep away. I said I wouldn’t go out without Mike Nesmith. And then I looked at a picture of Mike Nesmith, and he looks like a German banker. And I thought, …

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Interview: Micky Dolenz, singer, Monkees, Hairspray

IF you recognise the gait as Micky Dolenz comes walking down the street, then it’s odds on that you are old enough to remember The Monkees, the pop group manufactured for TV in the 60s, and now widely hailed as the original boyband. Dolenz was their drummer and lead vocalist, scoring hits with classic songs …

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Davy Jones Interview; Playhouse – Sunset Limited


The former Monkee is intelligent, astute and very amusing. He talks a mile a minute. It’s hard to get a word in edge wise when you trying to talk to him. But, it fully works for me. I found him to be refreshing with his “I’ll make up my own mind with my career choices.” …

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Dolenz on BBC Radio

Micky Dolenz tells the story of a Los Angeles neighbourhood which became home to a diverse mix of musical stars – including himself. Laurel Canyon was just a bunch of heavily wooded, rocky outcrops – situated a few minutes from West Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard – but it became the garden where the stars of …

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Peter Tork on the Strange Dave Show


Peter on the Strange Dave Show. About a minute and a half in, he quickly informs Dave: “I’m not going to answer how the Monkees got started. That’s on every web site, any wikipedia, anything anything anybody can tell ya, except me right now. And, Um, do you still talk to the other guys? I’m …

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