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Doors Classics Reworked For Acoustic Guitar

For the most part, the Doors was all about loud rock n’ roll. But on the new release by guitarists James Lee Stanley and Cliff Eberhardt, All Wood and Doors, twelve Doors classics are reworked for acoustic guitar. And the duo has enlisted former Doors members Robby Krieger (guitar) and John Densmore (drums) to lend …

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FBI releases file on the Monkees

monkee communists

We’ll never know the name of the G-Man who went to a Monkees concert and reported on the band’s dissident activities in 1967, because his name is redacted from the declassified file posted on the FBI website in April. Whoever he was, though, the dude was definitely squaresville. “This series, which has been quite successful, …

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What do Joan of Arc and Peter Tork Have in Common?


Both heard voices. In Joan of Arc’s case it was the voice of God, telling her to save France from English domination. In Peter Tork’s case, the voice told him to get out of Greenwich Village:   He was compelled to audition for [The Monkees] after experiencing a mysterious calling on the streets of New …

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Monkee reveals his Welsh connections

The Monkees - Portrait Session

HE might be famous for the last train to Clarksville, but these days he’s more familiar with the 6.45 to Cardiff Central. Peter Tork, the guitarist for the Sixties pop group The Monkees, has developed a passion for the Welsh capital after his brother married a violinist from the Welsh National Opera. In an exclusive …

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Tork Admires Susan Boyle


When Monkees bassist Peter Tork heard that Susan Boyle had covered the prefab four’s ’60s pop hit ‘Daydream Believer,’ his first reaction was, “Good for her.” Tork tells Popeater that he has nothing but admiration for Boyle and her unusual story. “Can you imagine? You wait and you wait and you wait, and it’s way …

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Evolved Monkee

He’s a man of many instruments who isn’t monkeying around. At least, you can say those days are behind him. Peter Tork, born Peter Halsten Thorkelson, is performing with his group, Shoe Suede Blues, in a double-header weekend performance at the Bordentown Record Collector. You may first remember him from his stint and ultimately, his …

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Adult Drug Court: Graduates believe and succeed


VISALIA — The 14th annual Tulare County Adult Drug Court Graduation and Commencement Ceremony Thursday night at the Visalia Convention Center made a believer out of families, friends and co-workers. A record-setting 200 people, previously charged with alcohol and drug offenses, graduated from the program. “We’re here to recognize the accomplishments of this year’s graduates,” …

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Tork: Monkees eyeing reunion tour

Musician Peter Tork, the guest speaker at Tulare County Adult Drug Court Graduation, announced during a press conference at the Visalia Convention Center prior to the graduation and commencement exercises Thursday night, that there is a possibility of a Monkees reunion. “If things go as planned, the Monkees — three of us — will be …

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Tork to speak at Tulare County Drug Court graduation

Peter Tork, the former member of the 1960s music group, the Monkees, will be the keynote speak at the Tulare County Drug Court graduation next month. The public is invited to the ceremony at 7 p.m. Oct. 28 at the Visalia Convention Center, Tulare County Superior Court Judge Glad Roper told the county Board of …

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A pair of Monkees to reunite for myRecordFantasy

Got a wool stocking cap, a British accent or a hankering to sing the songs of Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart? The opportunity will arise Aug.2-4 when former Monkees Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork reunite in Sacramento, CA, for a project that allows fans participate in and observe the making of an album. Mark Lindsay, …

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